What is Campaign Master® ?

Campaign Master® is a software tool designed to manage tabletop wargaming campaigns. It was developed to make running a campaign faster and easier. In addition it takes into account distance and time in movement as well as the supply state of the forces. This requires the players to plan and execute their campaigns in a much more realistic fashion.

Whilst it is not restricted to any particular tabletop rules, it has been optimised for the needs of 40K campaigns, but can be used for WWII campaigns.

It is ideal for teams of wargamers or interclub campaign competitions as Campaign Master® can accommodate armies of 20,000 points or more. Usually armies used in these campaigns consist of many detachments of around 2,000 points. The details about Campaign Master® can be found in the User Manual.

How do you buy or try Campaign Master ® ?

 Since Campaign Master® is only distributed over the web you need to register your details and place an order. Once your information is confirmed you can pay by PayPal® or send an International cheque. Please go to the Pricing and Ordering page to register for an evaluation copy or place an order

Tumult Team Based Tournaments

While the Campaign Master® software is ideally suited to running map based campaigns it can also be used for running team based tournaments. Consequently it has been used for the Tumult tournaments since the first event in 2006. Tumult is unlike most team events in that there are just two teams split between Order and Disorder. It is a great entry point for new players into tournaments as team members are encouraged to seek support and tactics from their colleagues. In order to promote this Tumult often has some additional challenges such as lava terrain in 2009 that is lethal to all but the most armoured of troops.

A Salamander Land Raider withdraws to a lava flow in order to lure Orks into a killing zone.